Social Ride

The social ride will start in the spring, probably the first weekend in May...

The social ride is one day the first weekend of the month. It'll be a mix of local and the odd ride away somewhere not far (Ashton Court for example). This isn't a ride for anyone wanting to bump themselves up a leaderboard on Strava! Its about inclusivity and getting out and riding. We have a number of members with children, and a number of members who are getting back into riding and don't feel up to a Tuesday nightrider (which makes us sad, 'cos Tuesday's are not fast and we'll always wait...) so this is the ride to get folk out and onto the trails. It will not be fast, it will not be technical. It will be a slowish, it will be about encouraging folk to develop their fitness and skills and most importantly it will be fun (but not in an enforced fun way you understand).

More details in the spring.