About Us

The Black Canon Collective (BCC) is a local mountain bike (MTB) club based around Longleat forest, and is run by local mountain bikers. The purpose of the club is to support and develop the local MTB and cycling community as a whole.

The club runs many rides, events, low-fi races, trail maintenance activities, fund raisers and the all important socials. We no longer license land from The Longleat Estate, so you don't need our permission to ride things. The land formerly known as The Allotment is now managed by B1ke.

The club was formed in spring 2008, see here to learn more about why and how. We’re named after the Black Canons (monks) who first settled on the site where Longleat House was later built. The BCC is a non profit making organisation. All funds are used to support and stimulate local cycling activities.

The club is affiliated to national cycling body British Cycling and is constituted accordingly. Run by a formal committee, each role is fulfilled by means of an open vote.

Alastair Mackinlay - Chairman
Rich Cory - Secretary
Paul Gunstone - Treasurer
Sean Watson