Night Rider

We organise a cross-country Night Ride in and around Longleat Forest every Tuesday, with a pint in the pub after. Whether you're new to the club or an existing member everyone is welcome to come and join us, check out the details below for everything you need to know:

1. Where and When.
Update! Meet at Bath Arms public house in Horningsham, BA12 7LY, every Tuesday evening and be ready to ride for 7pm. Members are encouraged to ride to the start-venue, but where this is not possible, car-sharing is recommended. On arrival, please park legally, carefully and considerately. Please do not drive on the grass.

2020-10-01 - We used to meet at the East Woodland Church and then end up in the Horse and Groom just down the road after. Sadly the pub is no longer open due to the passing of the landlord. 

2. Fitness and Duration.
Night rides last for approximately 2.5hrs, and anyone with a generally good level of fitness can participate. We will always ride at the pace of the slowest rider within a group, and no one will be left behind. All groups are led by our own CTC or MBLS qualified Mountain Bike Ride Leaders.

3. Non-BCC members.
Non-members who are considering joining the BCC are welcome to join in for a ride. If you are riding regularly though, why not join!

4. Bring fully-charged and working lights.
Any decent light which has been designed with night-time mountain biking in mind will be fine to get you round the forest in the dark, you might just have to ride slower if you have dim lights. If in any doubt speak to any regular night rider or email any committee member. It is also a good idea to carry some form of back-up or ‘get-you-home’ light in case your main light fails.

5. Use a rear light.
A red rear light in ‘static’ mode, not flashing, should be used. Short sections of the night ride will inevitably be on public roads, so you need a rear light.

6. Ensure your bike is in good working order.
Any well-maintained mountain bike with working brakes and drivetrain will be sufficient. If in any doubt, get it checked over by a reputable bike shop.

7. No helmet, no ride.
Helmets must be worn on all BCC rides and should be a good fit, in good condition and free from any damage.

8. Wear appropriate clothing.
Cycling-specific clothing is practical and helps keep you warm/cool and dry. Dress suitably for the weather and conditions. A wind and/or rain-proof jacket of some sort is a good idea as we are riding in the UK! Gloves are also advisable.

9. Food and drink.
Bring enough food and drink for the ride. Most people find one 750ml bottle of drink and a few snack bars will be sufficient.

10. Spares and repairs.
Assume you will get a puncture. Carry at least a spare inner-tube, a puncture repair kit and a pump. A multi-tool is also a very good idea for those emergency mid-trail repairs and/or adjustments. Don't rely on others for spares, be self-sufficient.