We do things; rides, pubs, curries... that sort of thing.

Regular Rides:

Tuesday night Nightrider.
Its a moderate paced, quite social ride to the pub that occurs every Tuesday night.
- First weekend social ride.
Starting in the spring, this is the super social, family friendly, nothing technical, fun is the aim, ride. We'll alter the venue to keep it interesting, but it'll always be on the first full weekend of the month.
- Third weekend ride-away.
On the third full weekend of a month we'll have a ride away to somewhere. The type of riding, level of fitness required, etc will vary (we'll try and mix it up) but it will always be clear beforehand.

This isn't to say thats all the riding the club does. Far from it. There is a lot of riding organised via the forum and Facebook by members.

Social things:

  • We always stop at the Horse and Groom on a Tuesday night after the ride. Even if you couldn't make the ride, you can join us for a pint and a chin-wag.
  • There is a vague plan to mix riding with brewery tours. Just don't tell the HSE!
  • We semi-regularly go for long walks in the woods, but since we're unfit we have to stop a lot and lean on spades and saws...