Important Announcement with regard to recent BCC rule violations

It is with regret and disappointment we announce that several members of the Black Canon Collective are banned from The Allotment site and club events until they have committed their time and energy to contributing to the club.

These members broke one or both of the following rules, and so will be required to complete a number of “club hours” before they will be able to use the Allotment and participate in club events again.

Rule 16: No fires are permitted at the Allotment.

Rule 13: There is to be no construction of any kind at the Allotment, including trail construction, without clear and prior consent of the committee.

Despite being reluctant to stop anybody from riding and participating in the club, the committee has decided that there have to be consequences for these actions, firstly deliberately building and then rebuilding a feature when they were aware it had been taken apart on a Dig Day, and then endangering themselves and others by having naked flames on the Allotment, an area of forestry.

The number of “club hours” that have to be done varies from member to member, from 10 to 40 hours, based on the rule breaking they were involved in, and their conduct since.

“Club hours” will include Dig Days, setting up for Tickertapes and other events, as well as other activities when suitable. If you identify an opportunity for these members to contribute to the club, please email and we will consider it.

If you identify that a member who is banned is riding at the Allotment, or at a club event, please ask them politely if they have completed their club hours – we will have a list that will be updated to show when they have completed their hours). If not, please remind them they should not be riding at the site. If there is any further problem, please inform the committee, who will act accordingly.

This notice is applicable immediately, and therefore members listed below who were involved in these incidents will not be able to participate in tomorrow's Tickertape. They can begin to complete their club hours by helping set up and pack away the event.

The Members are:

Liam Arkell
Ollie Butler
Luke Barber
Nathan Collins
Robert Darvill
Tom Dunford
Charlie Evans
Dean Evans
Finn Kelly
Seb Jennings
Jamie McCall
James Moody
James Pinnell
Ollie Pinnell
Curtis Saunders
Jack Wells
Callum Whelpton