Fish finger sandwiches…

15 turned out for the first BCC XC ride, 11 men and 4 women. 10 of us are BCC members and 5 who are prospective members.

The day started with a quick walk around the allotment before we all headed off around Longleat.

With a broad spread of fitness and ability we could have split up into two groups, instead we decided to keep the social element and simply stop a little more frequently to allow us all to regroup. I set the pace at the front while Ian rode at the back of the pack ensuring that nobody got lost.

Other than a puncture and some shifter confusion the day was incident free with even the weather on our side!

We stopped for lunch at the Horse and Groom where the food was hot and beer was cold; so we were all happy.

After a few (chips and beers) we meandered back to the allotment via a river crossing and one or two horse poo covered climbs.

Some pushed the last climb whilst others mashed up but everyone made it back in one piece.

The day was a great success with everyone loving the ride and enjoying the company.

Special thanks to Ian who organised and ran the day, he rode the whole route (at first light) to ensure it was all ride able given the recent bad weather. That's dedication.

look out for more BCC rides in the not so distant future...we've even negotiated a deal with the Horse and Groom so that we can pre order food; we will arrange for it to be ready upon our arrival and will get 1 out of every 10 meals for free (oh and they do fish finger sandwiches)!

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  1. Colin French

    Great day and thanks for your guiding, it was sweet to see the riders being ushered across a stream.
    spent today cleaning up, every bit of mud bought back memories.
    Keep me updated on future events and like wise I will keep you updated on the cycle event next June when its more advanced. Would like to see your constitution as a guide for our own.

    cheers to you all
    wish I had tried a Fishfinger sandwich.


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