Every Cloud…

Friday nights rainfall caused problems for a lot of people.

The allotment got its fair share resulting in some pretty impressive ruts, mini lakes and silty swamps.

But if it wasn't for the water leaving a trail on its way down the hill we'd never have known where to dig drainage, every cloud......

We worked all day to weather proof 143; we dug drainage, built a water bar, rebuilt 'flip flop' from scratch, re-routed the very bottom section and gave everything else a good rake and shape.

We all stopped for lunch, ate sausages and drank tea. 

By the end of the day it looked like new, better even, it was just begging to be ridden.

Chris, Jack and co worked hard to make the most of the soft conditions and dug all day at the jump spot. It's gonna be ace by spring time.

Sunday saw some new faces, some old and some who looked like they should have drunk less the night before.

We rode all day, crashed a bit but made the most of our new old trail.

I must admit to wanting it to rain, in the same way that you do when you have a new coat, I wanted to test out our newly weather proof trail. 

It didn't though, it stayed dry and fast and we kept on going until we couldn't see where the hell we were going.

This is what the weekend is for.

P.S. Kudos to Rob for doing the mini step!

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