New and improved

We've finally got round to adding some of the content and functionality we promised when we launched this website.

We promised to enable members to make video and photo contributions to the site. We toyed with different ways of doing this and decided that creating a BCC 'group' on a media hosting site then embedding a media stream such as a slide show (or similar) was the best solution. This would allow users to add media without having to have access to the website itself, as any new media would only be added to the 'group' which would automatically be included in the embedded media stream. Gravy. 

However we couldn't find a provider of video and photo hosting that was good at both so we went with the best at each; Vimeo and Flickr.

We now have a photo page, with embedded Flickr slideshow, that members can add to, see

We also have a video equivalent that uses vimeo, see: This doesn't currently have any content but as soon as it does it'll be embedded on the videos page.

We promised to enable members to create blog entries on the site; this is being trialed (not the members but how we do it) and will be a great addition to the site showing many more dimensions than I have been able to with my own scrawlings. 

We're also going to be changing the format of the welcome page so that the latest news / blog entries are displayed more prominently, this will ensure that content isn't missed and the page stays fresh.

We're always looking to improve so will be glad of any feedback you may have on this or anything else.

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