Lets work together…

It seems that despite our efforts to clearly communicate what we (the BCC) do and why some people have taken it upon themselves to build stuff at our allotment without any consultation or approval. This simply won't be tolerated.

We, the collective mountain biking community, are best served by working together to create trails we can all ride and enjoy on land that is set aside and managed accordingly to this end.

The progress made by woodland riders is testemount to that fact and we, in only our first year, are getting there too.

There's nothing wrong with going it alone except when doing so has such a negative effect on others. Ruining the work of others isn't acceptable. Worse still this has happened on land clearly signed as being club run, and on existing features built by the club.

The area in question will be returned to it's former state and additional signs errected.

We're not against building new stuff and do admire people putting the effort in to do so. BUT where the allotment is concerned; the Black Canon Collective is responsible for all trail development.

Interested in making the area better? Come along to one of our monthly dig days and help out rather than working against us, after all we now have over 55 members and represent the vast majority of local riders.

Please see our events calendar for future dig day details, and look back through the news articles to see what we've acheived at previous dig days.

Thank you

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  1. Gordon Tic-Toc Davies

    My first dig day (of many in the future i hope) was pretty good, I hope that I did enough to warrant my two cups of “T” and cake. A very nice picnic boy’s and girl. After getting home I sure needed a good long soak in the hot tub. must be me age.

    Yes I would say work together lads it will be easer for all plus more time in the short time to have more fun riding.

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