March dig day

March's dig day was one of the best yet, we did absolutely everything we'd hoped to and were utterly exhausted as a result.

1. Basic trail maintenance (all tracks)
2. Undo the work carried out by the derelict building to protect the Scarlet Elf cups.
3. Undo "work" carried out on the top spoons stepdown.
4. Redevelop the bottom of 143 (as per last dig days agreed plans) upto tabletop.
5. Prepare spoons for this months tickertape mix-up.

red nose cookie

Loads of people made it out  and were treated to hot tea, biscuits, home made cakes and cookies, slapstick comedy (haven't forgotten your trip Neil), and even a barber shop master class from Marjory (yes, Ben decided to shave his head for comic relief - at the seating area).

what hair?

143 is gonna be pretty impressive so  I'm pretty sure that I and everybody else who worked on it likely fell asleep dreaming of riding it.....

Based upon recent progress I've estimated it'll take at least 3 more dig days to complete 143 to the final step-up feature (it will continue down to the middle fire road eventually but this will need another planning phase). That means it'll be ready mid June.

Fancy completing it sooner? Then lets see if we can get even half the current members to a dig day, we had 15 and did so so much, but with 29, with 29 we could maybe even get it all finished in 1 dig day!

Weekends are precious and often heavily restricted but its amazing to see what can be achieved after just one day of well planned and organised trail building.

Aprils dig day will be held on the 18th/o4/09 so that it doesn't clash with Easter weekend....

hopefully see you there!

Black Canon Collective - March '09 Dig and Ride from simon truelove

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  1. Fin

    Hoping to get dooon for the next dig day, bird permitting :o)

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