Stomach Surfing

This is a route to repeat.  Armed with ample packs of water and glorious sunny weather, we started out on our usual route down into Longleat and up through Horningsham.   Our newbie rider of the day was Jamie Amor (my daughter) who did a fab job of  climbing the hills in her own pace and fashion without loosing her breath (what it is to be 18).   Caroline already had a great route mapped out from Horningsham up to White Cliff  Down and across Cold Kitchen Hill.  I think I speak for all the group, it was awesome atop Kitchen Hill.  The trail was not easy, with a number of inclines, grassy paths, and gravel fire roads.  The views of colourful patchwork fields were incredible making the tough moments soooo worthwhile. 


As we descended Cold Kitchen Hill into Deverill, Caroline cruised ahead down the gravel fire road, in expert fashion, to open the gate.  However, not in expert fashion, I bombed down the fire road full of confidence and a big smile slapped across my face.  I saw a hump - it didn't look too mean so I  jumped it -I  landed yay!! I'm was still on my bike.  For a split second there I was proud.  But,  my hands clenched the brake levers forcing my front wheel to turn 90 degrees left.  Yes, yet again, over the handlebars I went.  As Caroline put it  I " stomach-surfed the gravel fire road".   Rachel came running, "that was great - are you ok!" Thank you Rachel for getting my butt off the fire road and on to softer ground, and thank you Jamie for putting water on my bloody elbows and legs.  


Ok enough of the fooling around, we were behind schedule and still had a ways to go.  Onward we ventured into Deverill and down through Shearwater.  At the foot of the sleeping policemen, we took a moment to speak to two fellow riders snapping pics of themselves jumping over the sleeping policemen.  These are prime moments of catching one's self in action -  I'm glad no one caught me in action!  Tired and cotton mouthed, we peddled hard up and out of Longleat.  The Horse and Groom was over the hill, and we started shouting our drinks' order.  What a great route -  great ride - we'll do that one again!!

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