Calendar enitrely underwhelmed with new photograph's

We plan to create an A4 size, 2010 calendar with an approximate sales price of £6 to raise funds for the skills area and "groovy blue trail".

BUT, without you photo's this calendar won't even get started. Don't make me use this photo - its rubbish!

the best photo ever

So, please have a rummage around in your digital storage devices, thumb through your glossy prints or spread all your slides out on the table and somehow get them to me before Sunday 15th. The photo's can be taken anywhere in the world and so long as they have a club member in and you own the rights to publish them then your photo could hang on lots of wall for an entire month. Please publish your photos on our Flickr account

or contact me at if you are having technical dificulties.



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  1. Juliet Amor

    Hay Simon,

    I think the photo I posted for our latest ladies’ night-ride showing Marjory and her bike having issues. It’s funny but would need a little light enhancing for a better visual.


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