Building trails 9-5

First FeatureSam and Jack Wells (who many of you will have read about here: have begun their trail building project for us at the Allotment.

With the type of lifestyle that many of us can only dream of both are able to build trails and go riding all day almost every day. The brothers approached us recently, asking if they could get involved with the club and build some trails with us. Given the quality of the other trails that they've built and their pretty awesome riding ability we jumped at the opportunity.

The trail that they're building (to be named) will be a fast open freeride trail with big features in it. It'll run down the east side of the Allotment, starting at the top plateau and will finish just short of the skills area. They scoped out the trail route for us, and explained the placement of all the features too before we agreed and gave them the go ahead.

They'll be building the trail over the next few months, mostly during the week, but will also be working on it at some dig days and weekends. If you'd like to help out please get in contact, they'd be glad of the extra man power.

As with all our trails it'll be built with the weather in mind, so drainage, side cambers, and raking back to the soil will be key. We've got the rest of the winter and most of the spring to get this trail up and running, so there's no rush - it's all about getting it right.

Sam will be updating the website frequently with news of progress and pictures too, so check back to see how they're getting on.

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