Dig Day Weather

The Met office have issued an advisory warning for Sunday's weather:

"There is a moderate risk of severe weather affecting parts of the south of the UK on Sunday morning. There is a risk of widespread ice on untreated surfaces following a band of rain, sleet and snow which is expected to clear south overnight."

With this in mind we'd like to ask that everyone checks the front page of this website on Sunday morning to see if the Dig Day is still going ahead. It is currently, but this may have to change.

The ground is likely to be very hard so could people please bring rakes so that we can clear all of the trails ready for the next TickerTape, and help with the XC project.

Also, please remember to wear breathable layers, warm socks and a hat - that's right, for the duration of this post I'm behaving like your mum.

Fingers crossed the weather is better than expected.

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  1. Andrew Denham

    Will Hardy has text me to say that the trails themselves are very hard, but the soil under the leaf litter is fine.

    Give that the majority of work will be adding to the trails we should be fine.

    But none the less please check back here tomorrow morning….


  2. Fin

    Snow…… :o)

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