Ruddy bloody hard work

Sunday's Dig Day saw a fantastic turn out; 20 people showed up and they worked flipping hard.

Puppets has been transformed, with two separate start sections  'Punch' and 'Judy' each offering a slightly different flavour: Punch will be the hardest taking its inspiration from Schaldming, tight rooty with steep drops, and Judy will be fast and swoopy but still include 'battery hill' the steep stepped chute that many will remember. You'll notice that a few got carried away sculpting what can only be described as a tobogan run, but it looks awesome and should be ace to ride. We've yet to build any of the berms or drops but will tackle these over the next few dig days. It won't be long before Puppets is up and running at this rate so lets hope we get a similar turn out at the next Dig Day (20/12/2009) when we'll also be holding an XC Dig Day to work on 'East-17'.

We also did a hell of a lot of drainage work which should help keep all the trails open through out the winter

Cheers to everyone for showing up and working so hard, it's pretty clear what's been achieved....

Dec Dig Day 3
Dec Dig Day
Dec Dig Day

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