BCC at the Megavalanche 2010

This year we're planing to go over to France and do the Megavalanche, there's already 14 of us who've signed up (that's a lie, we haven't actually entered yet, but will be doing so really soon) and hopefully some others who'll join in along the way.

Those who've done it before will know it as being epic; a race that puts you through almost every emotion and spits you out felling like you've been chased by (french) vikings down a mountain (starting somewhere nr the sun) over the course of some sort of weird 1hr period where the world has gone through all 4 seasons.  Oddly, when you do get to the bottom you want to hug/high 5 everyone in sight (even those french people) because you've shared the same traumatising ordeal. That said, it's amazing and will leave you smiling and talking about it for ages afterwards.

We'll be traveling and staying together so its bound to be a good crack , if you fancy getting involved check out the forum thread here: http://www.southerndownhill.com/forum/index.php/topic,201995.45.html

For any further information see the official website: http://www.avalanchecup.com/mega-avalanche.html

Here's a pic from the 2008 (or is it 2007?) race, you can see Neil in the red circle (riding his old red V10 with white Boxxers), you'll notice that just like at this years SPAM Winter Challenge, he's about to take a wrong right turn.

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