TickerTape Triple Crown

Now you will have noticed that this event hasn't had quite the same fanfare build up (poster etc...) as I usually do, but this was deliberate as we don't currently have enough freelap watches to cater for members and their mates. Tomorrow's event is for members only.

That said, tomorrow is going to be awesome!

Neil, Garry, Will, and I made it out to prep the trails today, and they look super fast; the ground is very hard and will be tomorrow too, so don't put spikes on as you'll just end up crashing!

The event will start at 11:00 sharp, all trails will be pre-marked (OneFourThree, Spoons and BBMS , all running into Moron) but each will only be ridable for 70 minutes, (starting with OneFourThree) in that 70 minutes each person can practice as many times as they like, but will get just one timed run. When the 70 minutes is up the trail will be closed and we'll move on to the next (Spoons, then BBMS) until we have all posted one timed run on each.

The rider with the fastest accumulative time will be awarded the special TickerTape sticker.

Winning the wheels will be a little different; at the beginning of the day each rider will have to guess what the fastest accumulative time will be, and write it down on their entry form, the rider whose guess is closest to the fastest time will win the wheels. Only riders who complete all three timed runs will be able to win the wheels. In the event of a draw the drawing riders will have to play scissor paper stone (best of three) until we have a winner.

No one has ever timed themselves down OneFourThree so we'll all be just as clueless about this.

There's just one prize, but it's pretty massive; http://www.transitionbikes.com/NotBikes_Wheels.cfm (the top wheelset, but in black) QR kit will be available for free if needed.

Please be ready to begin at 11:00, as once each trail is closed it won't be possible to get a time on it.

That's it I think, make sure you bring your full face helmet, food, drink, and plenty of beans!

For those of you who follow World DH racing, you'll be excited to learn that Transition have just launched a World Cup DH race team! Transition have been great to us, supporting our TickerTape events with great prizes and a real interest in what we do, it's really exciting to see them on the World Cup circuit . Full press release details are here

(..don't know about you but I reckon Bryn Atkinson will be in my BCC FANTASY DH lineup for the 2010 season.)

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  1. ben lovell

    thanks for today it was “sweet” cheers andy and evryone who helped set it all up!

    1. Andrew Denham (Post author)

      No worries Ben, glad you enjoyed it!


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