blisters…what blisters?!?!

A couple of people were asking me what to do to stop their hands from blistering up at the Mega, i'd say - tape 'em up!

I've done a few Mega's and did a week in whistler last year know that and if you aren't riding hard 2 hours + more than 4 times a week your hands will fall apart quickly.
I didn't bother taping them one year and really regretted it, my hands were a mess in two days and it really buggered up the second half of my holiday.

So here's a little how-to that should sort you out...

I've tried a few different ways of doing it and found one way which I think is a good balance of comfort and toughness (too much tape bunches up and is really un comfy, too little and it falls off). This way the tape it stays put half a day and is done by the time you are!

Get some good quality micro pore tape on a wee roll with a serrated edge is best. This is the stuff your after it's very thin and has light adhesion and it'll absorb some moisture (it doesn't have to be the Tesco variety by the way).
For a weeks riding you will go through at least two rolls. I'd take four as it's also good for temp bike repairs and first aid.

Use 1 or 2 layers tops (just enough to stop your gloves from rubbing your skin)
Also carry a spare pair of gloves in a backpack if out all day and change them at lunch time for nice dry ones - sweat soaked gloves really mess your hands up (remember to use new tape after cleaning your hands at lunch).

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