Ladies' Rides


Our ladie’s ride deserves a much-needed catch-up. Yes we are still here and still riding on Sundays. With bad weather, individual schedule arrangements, and my gimpy leg, we still managed to gather and ride. I’d like to welcome a new member Sharon Loader to our ladies group. Our numbers are beginning to grow with another two possible new members ready to ride with us very soon.

Our most recent ride included Sharon, Caroline, Rachael, Juliet, and a rather burly looking lady (Al). We’ve kept to our regular routes as, sadly, I’m still taking it easy with old gimpy, and to help familiarize new members to our route and to the other ladies. Without a doubt, we need to stir the route up a bit. With that thought in mind, I’m running alternate routes through my head as I write. The only problem with new routes, during unfavourable weather and challenging conditions, is simply not knowing its terrain during these conditions. However, the weather is changing and so is my attitude to new rides.

So to our local rides, and how lucky we are to ride Longleat and Shearwater. Without having too much of a heart pounding start, we usually ride Sheppards Wood and skim along its’ side to a weaving bob through Badger Woods. I call it Badger woods as there’s lots of badger holes. I think this is a definite indication to re-route around the badger commune. As my front wheel drops to meet the tarmac, I think about the ford. I don’t know why it bothers me: perhaps the many times I’ve sat in, walked in, and dove head first in it; yep that could bother one. But I have on a number of occasions successfully rode through that ford safe and dry. Perhaps I should disconnect the electrical impulses travelling around my dendrites, at this juncture of my ride, or rewire the impulses. Anyhow, all suggestions are welcome; and no a 2 x 4 will not help!

After taking the high road over the ford, we slowly ride and talk, progressing our way up the rocky ascents. Our last ride was a muddy experience. Boggy Bay totally lived up to its name, and hopefully Sharon didn’t think we were completely mad riding this section of Shearwater. In fact, I think she handled the terrain very well. In my opinion, it’s all smooth sailing after Boggy Bay. However, here’s where I have to dig deep, the allotment. Love it, don’t mind it, but one has to bear down settle in your saddle and be patient for the coming summit. There was one day where Caroline had mudguards on her bike, but Rachael and I did not any mudguards or protective glasses. So as you can imagine, we had very muddy faces not to mention the mud we ate. The dirt has a habit of mingling its way into the crevices of my teeth, leaving a real gritty feel! I’ll post pics for better viewing. The snowdrops are out and you know what this means, a change in weather. Although the mud is still here, the biting wind and cold temps are disappearing and a more comfortable ride is gained. One difference is the absence of our night-lights. This is a bit of a welcome relief as our rides can last a little longer into to the lighter evenings, without having to worry about the lights running out.

Due to the Easter Season, our ladie’s ride will be a little sparse, so everyone have fun, sneak a little ride in amongst the egg hunts and lets try to spruce up our next ladie’s ride.

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