XC Ride Away – July

Dan Hunter will be leading the XC Ride Away this July, here's what he's got in store:

Hello I'll be leading the July 11th XC ride away, across the Marlborough Downs and Ridgeway - so don your beards and prepare your retro steeds for a 17 mile trip across the neolithic landscape.

The Route: Click here for a Goolge map of the route and parking location

Difficulty: easy/moderate - highly recommend this ride for beginners who are comfortable riding the distance, but all are welcome.
This route is largely open flint covered tracks so little technical skill is required. I would say half of this route involves climbing, but again this all non-technical. There is little in the way of singletrack but the open countryside and views are fantastic.

Duration: 2:30 - 3:30 hours (Depending how long we stop for)

Travelling: 1hour 10 mins drive from Frome.

Ride start time: 10:15 - 10:25

Food: There is a café half way round for food and drinks, but riders will need to bring enough while riding, as its not always open. If its hot ring plenty of fluids regardless.

Clothing: Depends on the wether of course, but it is very exposed so bring a summer jacket or gilet if it looks chilly/wet or some sun tan lotion if it looking sunny.

Meet up: The ride is open to all members & non members, please let us know who coming by the Friday evening so we can arrange lifts etc, we’ll be meeting in the Frome car park near the Cheese & Grain on Sunday around 8.30am to leave for 8.45am, although your welcome to make your own way to the parking spot near Marlborough if your coming from elsewhere.

Check out the forum to arrange travel arrangements by clicking on the image below:

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  1. gordon

    Sound old & cool to me.

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