Following a dog while he chases a monkey…

It's that time again, our monthly XC Ride Away, and this month we're off to Cannock Chase.

We'll be riding the following – (red graded trails):

Follow the Dog –
The Midlands first dedicated mountain bike trail. Follow the Dog is a red graded 7 mile intermediate mountain bike trail aimed at competent mountain bikers. Opened in 2005 the trail was completely designed and built by Chase Trails and more recently additional sections have been added including the all new Tackeroo descent which was built as part of the contractor works to the Monkey Trail and was opened in April 2010.

The Monkey Trail
Opened in April 2010 the Monkey Trail is an optional extension to Follow the Dog. Again it’s a red graded trail but this time it’s a far more technically challenging and demanding trail. It includes bigger climbs, more technical descents and optional black graded lines. The trail is intended for experienced and technically competent rider.
The Monkey Trail can be ridden by starting Follow the Dog to approximately half way and then turning off to ride a further 7 mile trail before returning to complete Follow the Dog. A mix of machine built trail and handbuilt trails created by our volunteers, the Monkey Trail provides a superbly engaging ride.

As always you will need a good quality, well maintained bike with plenty of brake pad material, a helmet and suitable clothing and spares i.e. - spare tubes, power links etc. There is a bike shop on site.

**** The surface of the trail is buried pebbles, drains very well, but now that the weather has turn damp they are very slippery / greasy so anyone who has winter mud tyres on their bike will really need to change them to an all round use type of tyre. Please ask us if you have any questions.****

The trail centre does have a café and a bike shop on site, however the café was very busy when we went last and the wait at lunchtime will likely be about 20-30mins, so we suggest everyone take something to eat and drink so we can get back out on the trails quickly.

Departure time will be 7am Cheese & Grain, Frome, so we’ll meet at 6.45am to arrange bikes etc. We’ll car pool as much as possible to keep costs down, can anyone who can drive and take bikes and passengers please let us know.. the trails are a lot of fun you won't be disappointed.

Can't wait...

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  1. Pete

    S’funny , I don’t remember writin this !

    Must ‘av done tho as that’s me in the pic ( the one with the collar )

    Wuf !

  2. Andrew Denham (Post author)

    ha ha… ummmm….. errrrrrr… year I know. It’s Mark’s from the Forum, I copied it onto the blog but he wasn’t set up as a ‘author’ so I chose you instead – all sorted now… 😉

  3. Peter Spittles (Post author)

    Glad that’s cleared up – except now I look like an idiot for thinking Mark’s post was mine 😎

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