BCC Jerseys – vouchers available NOW!

So here it is.....a sneak peek at our jersey final design concept...(woooooo!)...click on the bottom image to see it in full size.

Over the past 12 months a whole bunch of ideas have been morphed into this concept which has been passed onto thecyclejersey.com (our chosen jeresy manufacturer) to see if it can be made into something real. thecyclejersey.com make jerseys for all sorts of organisations from charity events to UCI DH & 4X World Cup Teams so you can be sure that they'll be great quality and up to the job.

The BCC jersey will be available in either Freeride/DH cut (both long sleeve and short sleeve) and in XC cut (both long sleeve and short sleeve) in any of the 5 colours shown below*.

The design is currently being converted into a real life garment so there may be a few minor changes where the panels line up and seams cause a problem for the pattern, but nothing major. The design uses the BCC logo and the contour lines from the Allotment to make a jersey that looks great and means something too! None of this would have been possible without the tireless work that Rachael Campbell-Smith has put into the design, turning doodles and vague suggestion into something that people would actually like to wear.

Unfortunately due to the heavy snow in Scotland thecyclejersey.com employees haven't been able to get to work for a while, which means that we won't be able to take actual orders before Christmas (booooo!). HOWEVER if you were hoping to find a BCC jersey under the tree on Christmas morning never fear... A BCC jersey gift voucher is now available from the BCC shop, and  while in the shop, why not pick up a BCC calendar too so that you have something to unwrap!

At just £35 a Jersey we're hoping that all our members can justify getting at least one to wear when out on the trails...

*We hope to be able to offer the jerseys in 5 colour options but this hasn't been confirmed yet.

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  1. Andy Colby

    Like these and the price is reasonable too! Good choice of colours..

  2. Ben Batt


  3. Andrew Grace (Post author)

    Just sold another one…

  4. Andrew Denham (Post author)


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