Dig Day – the results…

Thanks to all those who made it out to the Dig Day on Sunday!
We achieved everything we set out to do (thanks largely to Curtis and his ace fence posting skills) but fell short of being able to start any of the new sections or features for lack of additional bodies. As well as what I've snapped on my iPhone we also raked and repaired the whole of Puppets lower section (including a tweak to the last corner), raked over MCC (to keep it loamy and fun) and scoped out the climbing sections for the Dinner 'til Dusk trail.
The trails are holding up real well, and with a bit of TLC they should be in great condition fo the summer, but what new stuff would you like to build with us? What do you daydream about riding there? What trails do your imaginations carve down the hill? It'd be great to get a real army of people to the next Dig Day so that we can continue to add to the trails so that the Allotment stays fresh and rides sweet....

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  1. Jamie Mcdougall

    looks amazing 🙂

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