Flags, Face Plants and Food

Front wheel wash out, face plant, stand up, guttural moan, a stumble, a second face plant. That'll teach me to allow riding on dig day.

Until Tom's crash I thought it had gone well – enthusiastic volunteers from the crack of dawn – Pip, Steve – joined by (one armed) Andy and his son Matt; Ben and Tom, working hard on BBMS drainage as well as their bromance and Mark arriving just in time to help build a new corner on the course named after him.

After lunch, Tom's crash and cakes we (including new arrival Dan) flagged and cleared a new section in the top woods for the Dinner 'til Dusk course.

At the end of the day as we cleared up the tools Robin materialised (to tell us about his new riding jeans) and then Garry and his broken wrist arrived to ply us with doughnuts and coke – a gluttonous end to a productive day.

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  1. Andrew Denham (Post author)

    Sounds awesome and the trail flags look ace! Great work!

  2. Tom Dunford

    the flags were awesome! 😀

  3. Mark Amor

    It was great to ride down on Tuesday night.

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