Many hands make light work…

Marion and Neil (Robin's Parents) have worked really hard over the past year to secure some funding so that they could rejuvenate their local playing fields, something that will benefit everyone at Corsley and nearby.

Yesterday the Black Canon Collective were proud to be a small part of their project as we installed a load of pre-fabricated bike track features and built some tasty berms.

With so many kind volunteers we managed to go from standing in a bit of scraggly field to riding around an awesome little bike track within a day, something that genuinely seemed impossible at the start of the day. But we were treated like kings with a never ending supply of bacon butties, sausage rolls, tea, coffee biscuits, cookies, squash and sandwiches being supplied from the pavilion through out the day. It was great, and certainly made sure we had enough energy to finish the task, and do a bit of riding right at the end.

The track has got a start ramp, four berms (one of which is a three way berm), two rollers, a stepped ramp, a balance beam and two little kickers; it's flipping ace.

With the summer approaching it's sure to get lots of use and will be the perfect place to learn to ride features for kids an adults alike, so go and have a look for yourself.

Thanks to everyone who came along to lend a hand, be proud, you did a great job and made a wonderful thing, but most of all thanks to Neil and Marion without whom it wouldn't have happened at all.

Now, what's the lap record...Robin...?

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  1. Gordon

    Great photo’s Andrew. Sorry I could not stay for long. Looks like you all worked very hard.

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