Day 2: Home Improvements

Due to the Dig Day shuffle and the incredible turn out for Saturday's bike track building extravaganza in Corsley I expected to spend Sunday as a Lonely Tony, raking each course into a groomed and buff state before being stalked and ultimately eaten by a herd of deer.

The reality however was a turnout that amazed me with some people even coming out for their second day of digging, eager to add a new entrance to East 17, begging to improve the Puppets drainage, petitioning to add a new section in the top woods and desperate to clear the meadow section, all tasks that I was very happy to accommodate (after bribes, threats and favours).

Eight hours, 16 people (I think) and one completed checklist later – having navigated leaves, pink wafer biscuits, logs, badgers, soggy mud, orientation accusations and a boy racer visit – it was home time and time for a very well earned sleep.

Thanks to everyone for your help, see you next month.

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  1. Simon Truelove (Post author)

    The new trail is sick. Can’t wait to try it in day light!

  2. Mark Amor

    I took my group around the new trails a couple of times tonight, everyone loved it. I think we’ll have a great turnout for Dinner 2 Dusk!!

  3. Marjory Hatvany (Post author)

    Yep – loved the new bits. What name? Someone in the pub suggested Funky Gibbon.

  4. Ian Crook (Post author)

    I quite like the name suggested by Paul in the forum thread – Whatever Velvet – it seems nice and obscure.

  5. Andrew Grace (Post author)

    Ian organised a great dig day, it’s good that it rides as well as everyone hoped, just gutted that I’m stuck in London on and off for the next 10 days ;-(~

  6. Marjory Hatvany (Post author)

    Feeling rather chuffed as was going on about the velvet-ey nature of the newly raked needles…

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