TickerTape RETRO DH – 19th March

The final round of the TickerTape Winter Series is gonna be ace!
It'll be the same format as normal, starts at 11 runs until 3, £2 entry, and it's for BCC members only, but although you'll have to wear a helmet FOR THIS ROUND ONLY IT DOESNT HAVE TO BE A FULL FACE.
Instead of Beans we'll be awarding prizes for whoever shows the most GNAR and as for the track, well it'll be full of loamy drifty corners, some radical straights and will require plenty of pedalling / speed tucking.
Any mountainbike will do so long as it's working and has brakes, so don't be shy come along and give it a go!

See you there....

Here're a few videos to get you in the zone:

Comments (6)

  1. Dan Irons

    Amazing. I’ll get the lycra ready! Wish I had a ’81 Stumpjumper to do it on though…

  2. Dan Irons

    P.s. Awesome poster.

  3. Dan Irons

    That Reebok Eliminator is one of the best things I’ve ever seen… It’s like a track sprint, but down a drifty mountain fire road… perfect!

  4. Ben Batt

    Is the poster Myles Rockwell???

  5. Timmy Armstrong

    we have a giant 200 hi ten steel fully rigid mtb circa 1995ish (tyres are shot) or a ridgeback hybrid 29″ wheels (38cc 15yr old japanese plastic tyres) ….we don’t have the old pound of sausage helmets anymore though….

  6. Garry Newton

    Just dusted off a pair of old ritchey wcs zmax tyres the red ones..

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