PLEASE dont litter

It's a simple request, and one that you'd hope wouldn't need to be made, but at this time of year we do seem to have a sudden rise in litter at The Allotment. Please take yours home with you, and if you see anything else, take that too. Not only is it against the club rules to litter, it's disrespectful to the surroundings and other forest users. So please, show some respect, and keep the place tidy.


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  1. Ben Lovell

    look at the top corner! Wow Chege you should stop leving your rubish around 😉
    But serisly if you could get it there you can take it home!

  2. Andrew Denham (Post author)

    Exactly Ben, no excuses!

  3. Sam Chedgy

    Sorry Ben, I did take it with me so it’s all good 🙂

  4. Tom Dunford

    grrr its so annoying, and it attracts all the wasps which is really annoying!

  5. Chas

    I notice that it’s a similar story all over the forest, actually. On or near to ‘trails’ there is a staggering amount of litter (eg ‘Doodles’). I can almost guarantee it’s not BCC members dropping it all, but I’m nonetheless tempted to ride round with an empty rucksack and collect as much as poss. Would anyone join me in a litter patrol one day??

  6. Andrew Denham (Post author)

    Absolutely, it’s something we’ve discussed in the past but never done outside of The Allotment, lets set this up… thanks Chas.

    p.s. we’ve already got a litter grabber and bin bag hoop from when we first set-up and cleaned the whole Allotment.


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