BCC Jerseys are here!

That's right, the long awaited BCC jerseys have arrived and are looking super nice!

According to the mighty morphing power rangers, who lets face it would look even cooler in a BCC jersey, the colours have great meaning..

RED: Noble, courageous, strong leader
BLUE: Inquisitive, energetic, intelligent, young
PINK: Mature, sophisticated, generous
GREEN: Shy, spiritual, serious
YELLOW: Confident, protective,friendly.

What colour did you buy?

(See the forum for details of how to collect yours)

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  1. Alastair Mackinlay (Post author)

    Shy and spiritual? Yeah right. The red though, spot on 😉

  2. Ben Lovell

    please say we didn’t base the collers on power rangers! would be cool though

  3. Ben Batt

    HI! This is the first piece of proper internet i have had in a while!!!! So i tried to rejoin, but am not able to as i cannot access the forum as it said i need to complete a different form….. How do i rectify this please?

  4. Ian Crook (Post author)

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