wheelbarrow rodeo

It's amazing what you can do when you work together...

On Sunday we destroyed the existing and very tired 'Slam Berm' on Spoons and went about rebuilding it from scratch with some proper materials...

After hours of midge flapping, post bashing, rock gathering and mattock wielding we built ''el twato" (don't get me started) a beautifully cribbed berm that is as good to ride as it is to look at.

With so much more speed available out of the corner we decided to open up an additional line , so set about excavating even more soil and building a new feature (a pump-able kicker called 'Rolo') into the same landing as used by the double after the slam berm. After a bit of wheelbarrow rodeo (video to follow) and countless calls of "just 10 -15 more...!" we called it a day, packed up and went home. Well, not before a few people sessioned the new features in their wellies of course...

Next time we'll complete the section (it needs an additional small berm to be built) before we continue with the rest of the TO DO list. Remember, the more people we get along to Dig Days the more we can get done. Thanks to all those who helped out, you did an awesome job!

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  1. Chas Thursfield (Post author)

    “Wheelbarrodeo”, surely 🙂

  2. Andrew Grace (Post author)

    My sides hurt from laughing…… ;-)~, can we make it an official event?

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