Warminster Wobble MTB TT, this sunday!

The time trial course takes in just over 1km of exciting terrain with rugged grassy sections, steep uphill’s, tight turns and flowing downhill’s. It has a bit of everything.

The fastest time overall will receive the Frank Batchelor Memorial Trophy, hand-made by a Warminster craftsman. The Challenge is divided into five age groups with a fantastic trophy, also fabricated in Warminster, to be presented to the winner of each category.

In 2012 we have re-designed the course for younger riders ‘cos that steep uphill is just a little too tough!

The Course Record was set in 2010 by Dan Irons with a time of 2:27, but the current champion is his younger and more attractive brother!


The Course..........


Course key:

1: Hairpin Turn – Uphill | Technique: Low gear and keep pedalling!

2: Steep – Downhill | Technique: Take it steady and shift bodyweight backwards

3: Left turn – Sharp | Technique: Right pedal down.

4: Left turn – Sweeping, Fast! | Technique: Right pedal down.


Its all free, so get yourself down to warminster town park for some grassroots (literally) mtb tt eventing!

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  1. Joel Richards Fisher

    brilliant fun! got a time of 4 mins exactly on under 13’s. also had a game of bike polo. hard to balance and hit stuff at same time.

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