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Sep 28 2010

Cobble Wobble 2010

Many of you will know that the Black Canon Collective were the people who, on the day, made the Cobble Wobble run smoothly (both this year and last). Check out this great video produced by Charge Bikes and Red Bull to showcase the event…

…not bad ey? I’d like to say a massive thank you too all the BCC members who worked so hard over the whole day – the event wouldn’t have happened if it wasn’t for you.

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Jul 30 2010

The Cobble Wobble!

You may remember that we were involved in the Velo Jam last year, an evening of bike centered events held in Frome to celebrate the visiting Tour of Britain cycle race. We ran the Cobble Wobble, a bicycle hill climb sprint in the heart of Frome that saw massive crowds, funny costumes and some very impressive times. It was great fun, and was something that we were very keen to be involved with every year .

Well we are; this year the Cobble Wobble is being held as a stand alone event but this time we’ve been involved from the start!

The event poster below explains everything you need to know for now, click on it and you’ll be taken to the Cobble Wobble website where you can sign up to find out about entries before anyone else. It’s going to be an awesome day with lots of great people, food, bikes, Cobble Wobble ale and some pretty amazing prizes too. The event is being supported by Charge Bikes and Red Bull so expect to see some famous faces and very very fast times.

Neil Cousins, last years winner (and BCC member) is going to have to eat plenty of Helen’s Millionaires Shortcake if he’s going to be in with a shout this year…

Check out the website for frequent updates and KEEP THE 19TH SEPTEMBER FREE!


p.s. we need 16 volunteers to help run the Cobble Wobble on the day. Volunteers will get free entry to the race and after party (which will be pretty special), food and drinks during the event and a goody bag. They will also be helping to raise money for the club by their involvement. Please email if you’re interested. thanks!

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Jan 05 2010

and the winner is… the Cobble Wobble!

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That’s right, the Somerset Standard has awarded the Frome leg of the Tour of Britain Cycle Race the honour of being Event of the Year 2009!

Up to 25,000 cycling enthusiasts converged on Frome for one of the biggest events in its recent history. The town took full advantage of the moment by organising its own cycle event in Catherine Hill called the Cobble Wobble, brewed a new beer and organised a family ride.

As the organisers of the Cobble Wobble we’re very proud of this, and are looking forward to seeing if it will become an annual fixture for Frome and the BCC. Neil Cousins (reining King of the Cobbles) is especially keen to defend his title; he’s been conditioning his legs by riding up heaven’s gate on a single speed with a cow on his back. We’re hoping that he’ll lose the cow for the actual event.

To find out more about the Cobble Wobble look here

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Sep 27 2009

Cobble Wobble – More press!

Click here to read the article...

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Sep 23 2009

Cobble Wobble – Full Results (updated)

Only a few days left until prize giving at Live2Ride on Saturday, so if your category details are wrong or missing please let us know so that we can correct them.

Prizes will be given for the winner and runner up of each category, contact Live2Ride for full details.

edited results

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Sep 19 2009

Cobble Wobble – Mayor joins in the fun

Image source:

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Sep 18 2009

King for a Year (or a day at least)


When I was told that there was to be a race up Catherine Hill in Frome a few weeks ago I got a little excited. This sort of event is perfect for me and I was really confident about it. Luckily Rich from Live2Ride kept asking about entry as I probably wouldn’t have ever sorted it out!
At the last minute I volunteered to marshall for the event and went along to a familiarisation session with the other volunteers who consisted of members, friends and family of the BlackCanonCollective (big thanks to you all, without you, this event would have just been a pipe dream). I was surprised to see a few people practising going up the hill. I was quite jealous and wished I had a bike to give the hill a bash. Rumours were bandied around about 39 seconds this, 29 seconds that. All these times seemed fast and anybody who’s ever walked up Catherine Hill will realise just how quick that was. I decided not to have a go and wait till the big day to give it some.

Sadly on the Wednesday I finished work late and so did my future Queen. We had arrived a little late to help marshall, there was already loads and they were doing an admirable job.
There were people lining the course, I couldn’t get past. Cheers and beers were the order of the evening. Flags, bells, and clackers assaulted the senses.

I was glad to see so many differing cycle enthusiasts tackling the hill. Especially the kids riding, they were amazing! Credit has to go out to the one kid who gave it all on a highly geared bike, he was barely moving when he decided to get off. He will go all the way next year for sure.

20 or so riders through my stomach was full of butterflies. I was checking out the different bikes and working out what was best. Road bikes with hard tyres were skipping and sliding everywhere (waaay too much lycra at times), the folding bikes were bending and a flexing. As for the guy in the 3 wheel recumbent thing, you are crazy!
The best bikes seemed to be mountain bikes with slicks and fastest looking was Damian Mead was on his 24” race bmx cruiser. I was contemplating getting my race bmx but stuck with the road bike.
Lots of people were going for warm ups and sweating before it all started, I wish I had too but I was having too much fun clapping and cheering. I had one sprint up Bath Street and pedalled back down. Time for my run.

My bike was held (by a very brave Caroline) so I could clip into my pedals, my gears already selected, all I had to do was go after the count down.
3, 2, 1, go… I held my breath and I started lifting and pushing on the pedals, minimising bouncing up and down to keep traction on the cobbles. The first corner came up real fast and my plans to stay right of the drain didn’t work. As I was turning, the bike was drifting a little so I just kept pedalling and aimed for drain and tape. Wow, that was close and fortunately I kept all my speed and just picked up more cranking harder and harder. The crowd was nuts, my concentration was on the gradients and keeping my upper body still. I thought I saw the finish line and hung up a little but then I saw the line further in the distance so got back on to the pedals and gave it some. Coming up to the line I was moving real fast and people had stopped cheering. I realised at this point that there were too many people standing just behind the line and I wasn’t going to stop so had to back down a little and swap my hands to the brakes and grab the anchors.
Time to breath again and breath hard I did for 10 minutes after. Marjory from the Club came running over and kissed me and told me I was King now. I wanted to know how much under 27 seconds I was so I had to check. 23.54 seconds, nearly 4 seconds faster. I was confident that in the remaining 30 minutes nobody would get me off the throne. Taking my crown and sitting in the throne I ended up chatting to the Tour director and was kissed by the naturally beautiful Tour girls. Amazing!

I then had to go into the main arena for the presentation with the Mayor of Frome. What a top bloke and he was talking about doing the same thing next year. That’s all I remember talking about as I was giddy from all the excitement! The presentation was on a ramp in front of hundreds, I was back with the Tour chicks but no kisses this time and was presented with the best trophy ever for a cycle enthusiast; a mini bike frame made by Curtis bikes embedded in local stone.

Time now to collect my girlfriend to watch the fireworks and then head off with the BlackCanonCollective members to The Griffin for a large round of Cobble Wobble ale. After all, I am the King of the Cobbles.

Ingredients for 23.54 seconds:

57cm Trek ALU road bike
Clip in pedals
50 x 23 gear selection (for the geeks) with no changes
25c rear tyre at 80psi
2 x Helen’s Millionaires Slice
1 bottle of water
1650W of leg power (had a go on a WattBike a few months ago)

Thanks to all those who marshalled, the BlackCanonCollective, Live2Ride, Frome council members for being so cycle friendly, all the crowds and finally my lovely lady Helen.

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Sep 18 2009

Cobble Wobble – Stewards Enquiry

With a cobble wobble time of 23.54 seconds Neil Cousins obliterated the entire field, but many people have raised serious concerns over the feasibility of such a blisteringly fast time…

…so in the interest of fair play the BCC cobble wobble stewards have launched an enquiry:

Initial findings do suggest that an unfair advantage may have been gained by the addition of a 850W McKeller angle grinder.

It’s believed that the modified power tool was used to accelerate the rear wheel of the bike, providing a massive advantage for the start, middle and end of the race run.

If you look closely you can see how Neil carefully strapped the grinder to his bike, a mod that went unnoticed at the start of the event.

Neil has refused to comment at this stage, sighting a recent diet of home made cakes and local ale as valid explanations for his superhuman performance.

Despite many attempts we’ve been unable to start the power tool in question, so have closed the enquiry. However, should any further evidence of foul play come to light we will re-launch the investigation.

Race Wining Bikeor illegally modified machine?

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Sep 18 2009

Cobble Wobble – An Annual Event

The town is still buzzing, and it seems that the Mayor is already thinking about next year. Great News!

The Mayor of Frome, Councillor Damon Hooton, who flagged the riders off in Frome and travelled to Bideford to see them race across the finish line, said: “There are real benefits to the economy and regeneration in having a race of this stature coming to a small market town. Last night in Frome we had 3,000 to 5,000 people out on the streets enjoying the Velo Jam, and no trouble – the police joined in the Cobble Wobble. We will go ahead with the Velo Jam and the Cobble Wobble again next year; we can build a whole weekend of events, and if the race wants to come back to Frome, too, we’ll welcome it.”

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Sep 18 2009

Cobble Wobble – More Videos

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