Cobble Wobble – An Annual Event

The town is still buzzing, and it seems that the Mayor is already thinking about next year. Great News!

The Mayor of Frome, Councillor Damon Hooton, who flagged the riders off in Frome and travelled to Bideford to see them race across the finish line, said: "There are real benefits to the economy and regeneration in having a race of this stature coming to a small market town. Last night in Frome we had 3,000 to 5,000 people out on the streets enjoying the Velo Jam, and no trouble – the police joined in the Cobble Wobble. We will go ahead with the Velo Jam and the Cobble Wobble again next year; we can build a whole weekend of events, and if the race wants to come back to Frome, too, we'll welcome it."

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