and the winner is… the Cobble Wobble!

That's right, the Somerset Standard has awarded the Frome leg of the Tour of Britain Cycle Race the honour of being Event of the Year 2009!

Up to 25,000 cycling enthusiasts converged on Frome for one of the biggest events in its recent history. The town took full advantage of the moment by organising its own cycle event in Catherine Hill called the Cobble Wobble, brewed a new beer and organised a family ride.

As the organisers of the Cobble Wobble we're very proud of this, and are looking forward to seeing if it will become an annual fixture for Frome and the BCC. Neil Cousins (reining King of the Cobbles) is especially keen to defend his title; he's been conditioning his legs by riding up heaven's gate on a single speed with a cow on his back. We're hoping that he'll lose the cow for the actual event.

To find out more about the Cobble Wobble look here

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  1. bob

    Don’t tell Nelly – his ego’s only just shrunk enough for his head to get in the door! He almost had to be restrained from showing the Land Rover that got stuck on Catherine Street today, “how it should be done” 😉

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