Cobble Wobble – Stewards Enquiry

With a cobble wobble time of 23.54 seconds Neil Cousins obliterated the entire field, but many people have raised serious concerns over the feasibility of such a blisteringly fast time... in the interest of fair play the BCC cobble wobble stewards have launched an enquiry:

Initial findings do suggest that an unfair advantage may have been gained by the addition of a 850W McKeller angle grinder.

It's believed that the modified power tool was used to accelerate the rear wheel of the bike, providing a massive advantage for the start, middle and end of the race run.

If you look closely you can see how Neil carefully strapped the grinder to his bike, a mod that went unnoticed at the start of the event.

Neil has refused to comment at this stage, sighting a recent diet of home made cakes and local ale as valid explanations for his superhuman performance.

Despite many attempts we've been unable to start the power tool in question, so have closed the enquiry. However, should any further evidence of foul play come to light we will re-launch the investigation.

Race Wining Bikeor illegally modified machine?

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  1. Helen

    Ha ha very good:-)

  2. King of the Cobbles

    Crumbs, I’m in trouble now. I did contemplate fitting a bench grinder saddlebag. However, there was concern for the skin inside my thighs getting shredded.

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