Birth of the jump spot…

The jump spot meeting was a great success with Chris Smith taking on the role of dig leader for the whole jump spot development.

Chris, Jack and Sam (Mondraker and recent MBUK fame) started working on the spot today; beginning the first of many jumps - a large table top.

As a result of the jump spot we will be receiving at least 4 new member applications (all of whom will be heavily involved in the development of the jump spot) not to mention the many more that we anticipate as the site develops.

All were very positive about what we are doing and agreed to operate within the rules and ethos that bind us all.

Chris will be taking photos of the work so that we can regularly publish progress on the website, and Neil will be publishing minutes from the meeting in the next couple of days so you'll be able to get the full story.

We're really picking up momentum now.....

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