Do Lectures

For the past two years howies have held an event called 'the do lectures' where they arrange for people who do things to inspire others to go and do things too.

This years event took place between the 4th and 8th of September and was a real success with 22 speakers and 75 attendees. 

I must admit to being very jealous of those who were lucky enough to take part but thanks to the kind folk at howies we can watch all the lectures on their do website.  Have a look; theres loads to learn......

Look here for a great lecture by Dafydd Davies who's responsible for building the very first official mountain bike trails in Wales (at Coed y Brenin) and for masterminding the creation of the 5 main trail centres back in the mid 90's.

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  1. Jon Moss


    It was a great event 🙂 Amazing people, food and venue. I’ve stuck together a short video here >>> clickety click!

    Best wishes,


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