Leeks, cabbage and brussel sprouts

In the short time that we've been working on our little allotment it's been very fruitful; 

We've had days of digging, riding and banter

We've jumped, drifted, crashed and tried again

We've sawn, raked, dug then raked some more

We've eaten sausages, cakes, pasties and drunk tea

We've had a blast!

But Winter is now here, a time to prepare for the spring and summer ahead; when the real harvest can be had

Our existing trails aren't yet robust enough to be reaped all year round so we must step back to see how we can improve them

We must improve drainage, collect wood and make markings

It's the time to build shelters,  dig more drainage and gather rocks

Most importantly; it's the time to plan ahead

Over the next two months we will be forming and then committing to a plan for the entire allotment, an exciting prospect, but one of such importance

We have a growing membership base, pledged support from a renowned trail builder and importantly; we've just negotiated a 3 year licence

We also have a blank canvas on which to work, and heaps of enthusiasm

Please help us to make the right decisions by telling us what you think we should create, how and where (just leave a comment below)

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