Dig Day


Today's Dig Day was a raving success!

We gave every course some Valentine's day loving, cut and stacked loads of wood, created many many course markings and even found time to fillet the old table top nr the old seating area (seperating all the rocks, wood and soil).

The new 5Ltr pump action thermos flasks performed admirably providing piping hot tea and biscuits (the biscuits were cold) all day long.

We sorted out the new 143 bottom section and even an alternative drop line at the top (all to be built at the March weekender - see the events calendar) .

A special mention should be given to Ryan for his oh so amusing rock gathering throwing (the new signs have been taking a beating!) and Ben for running full pelt down 143 clutching a rock, jumping off 'mini step' and pulling an imaginary table top then face planting into 'flip flop', all because he was excited that he'd found a fossil in the rock!

We got loads done but as with most things - many hands make light work, or in this case many hands can get far more done in the same time!

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