Night Rider

Night Rider 28/04/2009

14 people made it out on Tuesday, we were lucky enough to have (mostly) dry trails and yet more light (anyone would think the days are getting longer)!

We took a few different options to normal and so made it back to the pub a little later than planned, but still got to devour plenty of chips, cider and beer as reward for our efforts.

Paul managed to do a "180 mud slide to face plant" in the final stages, popping his pedal bike crash cherry (he's more used to his 144 KTM than his Pitch Pro) but saw the funny side. His left side - caked in mud!

One newbie was quoted as saying "that was the best ride ever!" whilst others commented on my "evil route", either way everybody seemed happy and eager for next Tuesdays Night Rider. ....

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