Building good trails is simple;

Step 1. Plan

Step 2. Work hard

Step 3. Eat jelly sweets

It's been a productive week; thanks to some careful consideration, 21 man hours of hard graft and some pick 'n' mix we now have an entirely new bottom section to 'Spoons' almost doubling its length.

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  1. Sam Burville


    When did this happen, didn’t see anything up on the forum?

  2. Fin

    Hey, where was my call man…

  3. Andrew Denham (Post author)

    We started last Tuesday and finished last night, it’s all on the forum on the “organise a trail maintenance session here” thread.


    No worries though, there’s still the bottom feature to build and that’ll need plenty of help.

    Fin, I decided to save my ‘Fin tokens’ for the bottom feature, where thy’d be most valuable.


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