Time flies…

After all that effort it was pretty special to ride the new lower section of Spoons this evening.

As with any new trail, the first run is one filled with mixed emotions; high expectation and anxiety being pretty standard, and releif and exhileration being the desirable outcome.

Spoons delivered.

It's flowy, fast and keeps you on your toes. Plenty of off camber, some cheeky roots and a healthy dose of virgin top soil keep you drifting sideways with a massive grin on your face.

Adding a further 15-20 seconds onto the track length and creating at least two more 'field splitting' corners the new bottom section (name TBC) will make tickertape events even more interesting. What's more; BBMS will get to benefit too with a tickertape only link up making it almost 1 minute long.

All this in 7 days, time flies when you're having fun!

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