It's all about the numbers…

Check out the stats on that!

That's not actually true. In fact it's all about the content, but for this post ...

Since launching in May 2008 , this site has had 18,788 visits.

19.56% have been new visits.

Even if we assume that most people use 2 computers, that's 1830 people.

iPhone OS is our third most popular OS, with Mac's second and then Windows first. Interestingly iPhones make up more unique visits than all the other phone OS's combined.

75 visits came from a dial up connection, 9616 from DSL.

117 visits have come from , 123 from and 3164 from

Visitors have come from 54 countries, including Slovakia, Iceland, Nigeria and Iraq!

Our Icelandic friend looked at 13 pages and spent 34:04 mins doing so.

Searching for "chris smith black canon collective" generated 686 visits between 28th September 2008 and 28th March 2009. Interestingly not a single one of these visitors was new. Perhaps it was all Chris?!?

Our most viewed news post has been "Tick Tock" (the first TickerTape write up) with 289 views.

8:00pm is when we're busiest, with over 4467 views made at this time.

On Friday, September 18, 2009 - 184 visits were made, our highest count so far. 114 new people visited the site that day (we published the cobble wobble results the day before).

We' re working on making the site better; simpler and easier to navigate. Making sure that new content is visible on the front page will help too, as lets be honest most of us have a very short attention span (over 64% of visits last less than 1 minute).

Importantly though people are returning to our site, and that's great news!

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