At the moment each committee member is working on a project.

My project involves improving the Allotment as a riding environment for the XC side of the club. My idea is to build a singletrack link from the site of the skills area (close to the main fire road) to the point where the 'Moron' DH section meets the fire road that runs up to our current three downhill trails.

The trail will be possible to ride both ways. In my head I imagine the style to be similar to the section that runs parallel to the Center Parcs drive – so sweeping corners, gentle climbs – fun!

This project will hopefully achieve a number of things:

  • To encourage XC riders into and through the Allotment.

  • To allow more varied loops of the Allotment.

  • To have more traffic through the Allotment, which will hopefully decrease the number of non-members and littering.

Singletrack Proposal

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  1. ben

    sounds good

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