Ladies' First Night Ride

We had our first unofficial Ladies' Night Ride on Sunday evening 7.00pm at the Horse and Groom, Frome. At this time of the year it's going to be a bit muddy, but thankfully, the mud was soft and squidgy and the puddles not too deep. I don't know about you girls but, the night, the mist, the glowing lights, and the mud was rather therapeutic ooooooowa!!! We took our time and planned our route along the way depending on our lights'. Although our group was small, it was a great first night ride and strongly urge all ladies of all skill levels to join our Sunday Ladies' Night Ride. I can promise a ride under the stars with lively conversation and the thrill of smashing through the mud and up a few inclines; you'll love it!!! So lets make next Sunday our official Ladies' Night Ride.

Ladies' Night-Ride

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  1. Marjory

    It was a lovely ride, and nice of Bambi to come and say hello! Wonder what wildlife will make an appearance next week?

  2. Andrew Denham

    By the looks on all your faces I reckon Rachael bought the drinks!

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