Ladies' Night-Ride

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Yet again, another great ladies’ night-ride. We decided to take the reverse route of choice down through Longleat, over to the allotment and arriving back at our local meet and greet Horse and Groom pub. Still a small group, but we were four strong and having a blast! Hats of to Marjory’s determined effort to master the art of spd’s, I won’t say a word about the side-ways fall! Helen was out on her first night-ride and was greeted by a surprisingly warm night for this time of year, with the absence of rain and mist just the lush mud and endless puddles. Although the mud and puddles kept us busy and focused, sadly, no critters scampered or scurried across our path, which is always an interesting sight on a night-ride. Hampered by nothing more than our laughter and enthusiasm, we cruised our way down the side of the allotment dodging scattered debris and slippery stones. Marjory serenaded ‘Starlight Twilight’ to the group (every little helps!!) as we made our way down to the ford, which now resembles a small lake. You guessed it, we took the higher option over the bridge. Riding this particular route, in reverse, certainly amounts to less inclines and more declines; a great starting point for any newbie nightrider. Seriously, this was a cool smooth night-ride.

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