No Pushing


A few weeks ago Stacey organised a trip to Cwmcarn for a day on the DH uplifts.  It was an awesome day despite the weather, with all the newbies finding out (the hard way) what riding a bigger track is like....
Jim snapped his seat post flipping into some trees, Nige's crashes gradually robbed him of clothes (though he did look very comfortable in those bottomless.....), Stace found out how hard rocks are and Bart managed to break his forks, discs and tear a pair of CK waterproof chaps. Burv...., well Burv was in a league of his own - wearing an all-in-one baby grow that was disturbingly tight around the crotch leaving most of us feeling dirty and very confused.
Dispite all the trauma (did they really need to be that tight!?!??) , everyone was buzzing by the end of the day, no one more than Chedge who was like a silent assassin - getting quicker with every run.

We finished the day with coffee and cake in the cafe, then I got punched by one of the canteen staff for offering to buy her a muffin.  Wales is a funny place.

We'll be organising some more trips to uplifts soon so check out the club forum for more details...

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