Calling all DH'ers or extra hands

Hello to all the gravity affected dudes.
This Sunday is the dig day at the woods. It starts at 10:00 then finishes before it gets dark and the wolves come out. It's an excellent hangover cure and is cheaper than the gym.
We are going to be starting work on a few sections of Puppets, the new/old track that flanks 143. It's going to be a lot of work and you may even get muddy! Don't let that put you off because come summer it will be real fun to ride as ever. So while you are off your bikes, come and help make a track that you will be proud of when you are tearing it to pieces.
We also would love input into the start and end sections, so get those creative juices flowing!
I will hopefully see you there on Sunday. I will be present with my new wellies so please don't laugh.

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  1. Fin

    OH blinking Flips!!!
    Can’t come a bloody gain!
    Picking up the new Pup on Sunday
    I must make my weekends more – me… :o(

  2. ben lovell

    trials again so can’t

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