Dinner 'til dusk….what a course!!!

This is a reminder to all those who enjoy riding in circles.
This is a call to all those who enjoy frantic looping, swooping down singletrack, charging up fire roads, overtaking, being overtaken, crashing, exhaustion, carbo loading, protein shakes and eating tasteless cereal bars.
This is an opportunity for people riding solo to complete 27 laps in 180 minutes (!), or for a team of four to do a lap each and then heckle the people still torturing themselves.

This is the first BCC Dinner 'til Dusk....and it's going to be awesome!

While this isn't a competitive event (more of a chance to pretend that you're at a race....) we thought that having some ace prizes to win would be quite nice. So, thanks to the guys a KCNC (and MAX BIKES PR) we'll be giving away three prizes to the riders who show the most beans (enthusiasm, commitment, determination and sportsmanship) !


Dinner ’til Dusk – Mini XC Enduro
Sunday 25th of April
13:00 for event brief and the group lap to learn the course
13:30 start time

Check out the BCC Forum to talk tactics and arrange a team...

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  1. Peter Spittles (Post author)

    Blimey thats a lot of squiggles ! – forget the tasteless cereal bars I’m bringing pies !

    1. Andrew Denham (Post author)

      Good idea, mule pies!

      We’ve also managed to get back up to the top of the Allotment without a single climb…Magic!

  2. Ben Lovell

    my and tim armstrong are in a team! and might pop over to the agm aswell

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