Don't forget it's Dig Day!

Hello everyone, just a reminder that there is a dig day this Sunday (2nd May).

The Day will be split up into 2 parts;

1st part- we will be continuing work on puppets, to get the course ready for Mays Tickertape (judy line), mass raking section of the bottom part of puppets is encouraged.

2nd part- TDS (Trail Development Sessions), BRING your BIKE and your IMAGINATION ! Together as a group we will discuss and test (session) different (and entirely new) line options for the bottom of BBMS that may well become a new properly defined bottom section to BBMS...

Hope to see plenty of you there, DO BRING WATERPROOF CLOTHING as it is expected to rain. Don't worry though as there'll be warm drinks and doughnuts for everyone to enjoy!

Ben. (DH Rep.)

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